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The New Lash Extension Trend You Need to Know About!

Wet Set Lash Extensions! The perfect amount of glam!

A wet set is a new style of lash extensions that is quickly gaining popularity. An advanced volume technique is used to create a wispy, textured look. Using a strategic mix of curls and lengths is essential to customizing this service and breaks up the uniform look that some lash extensions have. Wet sets are the perfect answer to "more than classic but less than volume." These lashes feel light and flirty!

A wet set is perfect for someone that prefers a flirty and wispy look over a more traditional uniform volume set. This set is glam without being over the top. You can easily wear them with minimal to no makeup. Or add a red lip for a more dressed up look!

As always, proper technique is still most important to protect the health of your natural lashes- this includes isolation and correct weight and size of extensions! Although this style appears more simplified, this requires advanced skill, so be sure to choose a qualified lash artist!

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