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Portland Recommendations

I love to support my community and other small businesses. These are all people and places that I personally know and love!

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Small Business


  • Elizabeth- Elizabeth is a brunette and blonde balayage specialist that works with you to achieve your hair goals and fit your lifestyle.                

  • Rachel Owen- Rachel is an amazing massage therapist that enjoys working with women and supporting clients with massage therapy throughout any ups and downs they are navigating.

  • Misha Lemma- Misha is a Healing Arts Practitioner specializing in energy healing and supporting clients on their self-discovery journery.                


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Bars & Restaurants


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  • Cascade Brewing - Beer tasting

  • Rose City Rollers - Roller Derby is SO much fun

  • Psychic Sister - The cutest metaphysical shop ever

  • Broadway in Portland - These shows are always so impressive

  • A Coloring Book for Sad Millennials - If you enjoy coloring, check out the funny coloring book I created!

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