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What are lash extensions?

Volume lash extensions are fans of false lashes glued to your individual natural lashes.  Each fan is made by hand at the time of your appointment and applied to one of your natural lashes at a time.  Extensions are semi permanent...each fan will last until your lash naturally falls out.  Everyone's lash cycle is a little bit different, so your retention is unique to you.  The number one thing you can do to improve your retention is to wash your lashes every single day!  This will keep your lashes clean, healthy, and fluffy.  When applied properly and aftercare is followed, lash extensions will NOT damage your natural lashes.

what are lash extensions

How to Prepare For Your Appointment

  • Please be sure to arrive to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes...No mascara!!! Even better if you skip mascara the day ahead of your appointment as well.  

  • Fill out the Lash Extension Waiver.

  • Avoid caffeine the day of your appointment if possible..this can cause fluttery eyes that make the service more difficult.

  • Your eyes will be closed for up to three hours, so bring things to remove contacts if you think that will be more comfortable for you.

  • Come dressed comfy and ready to relax!  Feel free to bring a blanket or a podcast!

  • If you have concerns about possible sensitivities, feel free to schedule a complimentary patch tests.  The products will be tested on the inside of your arm and monitored for any reactions.  ***Please schedule this a minimum of 72 hours ahead of your actual service***

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What To Expect During Your Appointment

At your appointment, you will relax in the's so cozy, a lot of clients fall asleep! Your eyes will remained closed for the entirety of the service.  Handmade volume fans will be carefully placed on your individual natural lashes.  No premade fans here!! Every single fan applied is custom to the exact lash it is being placed on. Only the highest quality products are used, including cruelty free lashes from LashBox LA.

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  • Keep in mind, you will not be able to get your lashes wet for 24 hours after, so plan your hair washing accordingly!

  • Most importantly, wash your lashes daily with lash extension safe cleanser!

  • Avoid getting oil based products on the lashes.

  • Do NOT use mascara or a lash curler on your extensions.

  • Avoid extreme heat or steam.

  • A silk pillowcase is highly recommended!

  • Schedule a fill every two weeks to keep your lashes healthy and on point!

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