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portland lashes keratin lash lift tint esthetician.png

Hey Blossoming Lash Babes!

Ever wish you had someone you could ask questions about lash lifts or lash extensions without having to buy a super expensive coaching program or training?


I’m Katy! I’m currently a working lash artist- so I know how you feel! When I started out, I didn’t want to pay thousands for coaching programs. I built my business myself from the ground up and learned SO much along the way, but I still needed advice!


This is why I’m offering mentorship calls a la carte. You can book a 50 minute FaceTime call with me- without obligations or lengthy commitments! Just a one time session to ask for any type of advice you may need. We can meet as many times as you would like- even if it’s just once.


Think of me as your lash tutor that can help you out with any lash questions you may have. No gatekeeping any of the information it took me years to learn.


Things we can cover- how to find models/clients, making business cards and social media posts, specific lash techniques for extensions or lifts, retention issues, questions about which supplies are right for you. We can also talk motivation and encouragement- starting a business is tough and you need support!! You can even send me photos and we can talk about your work. Any advice you need, I’m here to help- No topic is off limits!


I’m currently offering fifty minute FaceTime sessions for $115.

Visit my Instagram to see learn more about my daily life and work @EighthHouseEsthetics

To book your mentorship session, Click Here!! I can’t wait to meet you!

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