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- Meet Katy -

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Hey, I'm Katy!

I am a 30 something that has lived in Portland for over eight years now.  I’m a Libra sun, Gemini moon, Leo rising. I grew up in California and went to college at UC Santa Cruz where I earned my degree in Psychology.  My family still lives in California- including my six nieces and nephews… professional auntie here!


Aside from running my business, I love to hang out with my cat and make her watch TikToks that I think are funny. I also like crafting, playing Animal Crossing, watching true crime, and going to Target. I still wear skinny jeans and have a side part because I never quite got over my Avril Lavigne phase. You might even hear Taking Back Sunday playing in my studio.  Some of my simple pleasures include concerts, lipstick, and rooftop happy hour with friends.


Welcome to Eighth House Esthetics!

In true millennial form, I quit my service industry job of ten years in pursuit of doing something that makes me happy and to work for myself.  I have been doing lashes for four years now and I absolutely love it. I love connecting with people- it is hands down my favorite part of the beauty industry.


My vision for Eighth House is for it to be a place where people feel comfortable, welcome, and at ease.  Our most precious resource in this life is time and I want to help you take time for yourself.  I love being a solo esthetician because I am entirely in charge of my environment and can take the time to make everything just right for you to have the best experience. 


I fully support self evolution and growth and am so grateful that people include me on their journeys.  In astrology, the eighth house is all about rebirth and transformation. What I contribute to the beauty industry is authentically holding space for you and supporting all of your evolution- big and small. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Follow Me on Instagram to get to know me and my work!

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