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Introducing a Brand New Service!!!

Mini Sets!!!

What is a mini set?

-A mini set is an express set of lashes that is designed to last up to 5 days. An advanced technique is used to strategically place lashes to look like a full set.

What is the difference between a mini set and a regular full set?

-Mini sets are designed to last up to five days. It uses less lashes and less coverage to achieve the look, so the set will not last as long as a full set.

Why choose a mini set?

-This express service is great for someone who wants all the benefits of extensions for a one time event. It is also great for someone who wants to try out lash extensions, without the full commitment. Get lash extensions without the pricing of a full set!

How much does the service cost?

-A mini set is $115 and takes an hour and half.

Can I get any style?

-The techniques used for a mini set only work with one specific style- soft volume. Creating wispy, full volume, or wet set looks requires more time- a full set is required for these styles.

If I love my mini set, can I get a fill?

-No, this set is not eligible for a fill. Because of the timing and technique used, this style of set is not able to be filled. If you love your lashes and want to keep them, you can book a full set!

Important things to note-

-It is critical that you are on time for this appointment. If you are late, the service will NOT be complete. Please review the directions ahead of time and plan extra travel time.

-The same aftercare for regular lash extensions still apply for the time you have your mini set.

-These are NOT cluster lashes. This set still utilizes all the same principles and high quality products as regular lash extensions in order to protect the health of your natural lashes- including isolation!


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