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Hey, I'm Katy!

I am a 30 something that has lived in Portland for over seven years now.  I’m a Libra sun, Gemini moon, Leo rising. I grew up in California and went to college at UC Santa Cruz where I earned my degree in Psychology.  My family still lives in California- including my six nieces and nephews… professional auntie here!


Aside from running my business, I love to hang out with my cat and make her watch TikToks that I think are funny. I also like crafting, playing Animal Crossing, watching true crime, and going to Target. I still wear skinny jeans and have a side part because I never quite got over my Avril Lavigne phase. You might even hear Taking Back Sunday playing in my studio.  Once things return to “normal,” I am most looking forward to concerts, lipstick, and rooftop happy hour with friends.


Welcome to Eighth House Esthetics!

In true millennial form, I quit my job of ten years in pursuit of doing something that makes me happy and to work for myself.  I love connecting with people- it is hands down my favorite part of the beauty industry.  My vision for Eighth House is for it to be a place where people feel comfortable, welcome, and at ease.  Our most precious resource in this life is time and I want to help you take time for yourself.  I love being a solo esthetician because I am entirely in charge of my environment and can take the time to make everything just right for you to have the best experience.  I fully support self evolution and growth and am so grateful that people include me on their journeys.  I am looking forward to meeting you!

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